Who knew that an advertisement on Craigslist would lead to Herbie D and the Dangermen's swampy blend of Appalachian acoustic blues and New Orleans-style jump blues?  That is exactly how Herbie Desseyn met Chris Gifford and, with the addition of fellow Dangermen Art Martin and Michael Salazar, the band has been entertaining thousands of fans from "empty nesters" to swing dance enthusiasts.

Crowds everywhere love the band's special acoustic blues style, which allows them to play any venue ranging from large stages to living rooms.  And they deliver with a unique sound created by the inclusion of an upright bass, swapping out an electric guitar in favor of an acoustic guitar, and by replacing the traditional harmonica with a saxophone.
"Awesome music, Route 32 is a blues tune that will take you back on a musical journey to those golden years of yesterday" - Brian Roughnton; host of Blues Traffic Jam on WFOS 88.7 FM

"They did a wonderful job, They were inventive, they had a good, cohesive sound. They play with a standup bass and acoustic guitar, which is a little bit different from what we're used to up here. They were comfortable on stage, interacted with the audience. I think all of that figured into their win." - Greg Willard; coordinator of the River City Blues Society Blues Competition

"...an acoustic driven band who play genre crossing music while leaving little doubt as to their influence - a mixture of blues traditions." - Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro, Blues Editor @ www.Mary4Music.com

Whether these guys bring their upbeat, thumping acoustic blues to a big festival stage, an intimate bar, or a private party, one thing never changes: You're guaranteed to feel like one of them." - Darla Parris Smallwood, Durham, NC

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